Out in Wyoming

Supporting LGBTQ advocacy and community in Wyoming. 


Supporting LGBTQ advocacy and community

Killin It.

Community Empowerment

Out in Wyoming is dedicated to fostering a safe and fun LGBTQ environment fueled by community-building events and projects.

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GSAs in Casper Schools

Gender and Sexuality Alliances seek to create safe spaces for LGBTQ youth, while providing them with the tools and support to be successful students and community members.

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Resource Center

LGBTQ Resource Center

Have you ever wondered which doctors would be best for your LGBTQ healthcare needs? The LGBTQ Resource Center in Casper, WY is a two-year campaign to bring a resource center to Casper that would answer those very kinds of questions.

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501(c)(3) Status

Obtaining 501(c)(3) status would allow our organization to receive tax-exempt status and the ability to receive federal funding, which helps us help more fellow Wyomingites.

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Today’s students.
Tomorrow’s leaders.

We believe the future success of Wyoming's communities relies on the encouragement and support we show our youth. See how you can make a specific impact for LGBTQ youth in Natrona County today.


Annual Report

Dedicated to change.

Out in Wyoming is dedicated to a culture of transparency and meaningful results. As we obtain 501(c)(3) status, we will be compiling an annual report, the most recent of which will be posted here.

This report will detail our local campaigns and initiatives, offering specific data on the results of these campaigns and the contribution of each dollar donated. Donors are emailed this report annually as soon as it is published.

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