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Our sponsors are the reason we are able to offer specific programs for the local, LBGTQ community. If you feel passionately about one or more of our programs, we suggest becoming a sponsor. Sponsors, depending on their donation level, receive certain perks within each program, as well as frequent updates on the program's activities.




At Out in Wyoming, we view diverse community engagement as a building block for progress. That's why we host and contribute to multiple community events, such as Casper Pride, drag shows, holiday parties, and BBQs.

When we seek out community, we seek unity and companionship. It is our goal to unify the LGBTQ community of Casper and Wyoming to advocate for LGBTQ issues and provide support for all identities.

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Gender and Sexuality Alliances


Gender and Sexuality Alliances, also known as Gay-Straight Alliances in many schools, seek to create a safe, educational space for LGBT-identifying students.

Harassment and unsafe school environments due to sexuality and gender are statistically proven to lower affected students' GPA, lower their likelihood to attend college, and lower their self-esteem.

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LGBTQ Resource Center


An LGBTQ Resource Center provides invaluable resources to the LGBTQ community. These resources cover questions and issues related to health, interpersonal relationships, education, community and individual development, and careers. More information →

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Many grant foundations and government offices only provide funding for 501(c)(3) non profits. Achieving public charity status broadens our fundraising ability, which increases our capacity to reach more Wyomingites. More information →

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