Diverse community engagement to reflect The Equality State.


At Out in Wyoming, we view diverse community engagement as a building block for progress. That's why we host and contribute to multiple community events, such as Casper Pride, drag shows, holiday parties, and BBQs.

When we seek out community, we seek unity and companionship. It is our goal to unify the LGBTQ community of Casper and Wyoming to advocate for LGBTQ issues and provide support for all identities.

Sometimes, it's just about having fun. It's about seeing friends who know you and accept you for who you are. It's about contributing your knowledge and compassion to fellow community members.

For more information about upcoming events, visit our Events page. If you would like to contribute specifically to our goal of creating a more connected and active LGBTQ community, become a sponsor today.

Sponsors of our community project will receive two free vouchers to two of our events per year. Depending on your level of involvement and contribution, you could also receive advertising on our website and at all of our events.

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Glow Prom 2018

Out community events bring together diverse people of all identities. This March, Out in Wyoming hosted an LGBTQ Glow Prom, offering participants the opportunity to dance, hang out with friends, and be themselves.