Dedicated members with personal stories of service.


Ground Team

Our ground team runs the daily operations for our organization. This includes volunteering for events and serving as Teacher Sponsors for Gender and Sexuality Alliances. Want to make an impact on your community? Volunteer with us today.


Board of Trustees

Our Board crafts a concise vision and strategy each year for Out in Wyoming. All board members attend weekly meetings, as well as quarterly board meetings, and contribute their individual skill sets to promote LGBTQ rights in the Wyoming community.


Gage Williams

Amber Pritchard
Vice Chair

Charliy Anderson

Karah George

Sara Knox
Communications Director

Kevan Vallejos
Volunteer Coordinator

Chelsey Binder
Community Outreach

Casey VanVleck
Senior Board Member

Melody Cain
Senior Board Member

Crystal Stoldt
Senior Board Member